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1. WebSporTV is an English languages site
This is an English website, all forum posts must be written in English - Any threads or replies written in a language other than English maybe removed without notice. This is mainly because we cant moderate languages we dont understand.

2. Dont use abusive or disrespectful behavior
Take extra care to be kind in your comments to other users and never react negatively to comments you perceive as rude or otherwise objectionable. Instead, it is always wiser to either end the discussion, ignore the comment entirely, or in more severe cases report the offense to our moderators by clicking the "Report" button under the post.

The following behaviors are examples of what will not be tolerated in the WebSporTV.

  • Flaming — writing hostile or insulting messages aimed at other users for their views, comments, status as a user on the site, or any other reason. You can disagree with someone's views and still be polite about it.
  • Trolling — posting controversial (sometimes off-topic) messages with the intent of baiting other users to reply. Also, please dont feed trolls.
  • Personal attacks — posts that insult a poster directly. This includes any attacks against forum moderators or administrators.
  • Inciting or Boycott — using the forums or Private Messages for encouraging or inciting any kind of action, reporting, or boycott endeavor against anyone is strictly prohibited.
This list is non-exhaustive. ANY behavior that is patently offensive is also forbidden.

3. Dont discuss moderator actions on the forums
Dont complain if a moderator removes a message you posted. We trust our moderators, and if they have removed a message, they had a good reason. If you dont agree with a moderator's decision, you may send a private message to the moderator or community administrator.

4. Dont PM users asking for help
Dont send private messages to any users asking for help or leaking a hidden content. If you need help, make a new thread in the appropriate forum then the whole community can help and benefit.

5. Abusing site functions
  • Report - Threads are being false reported. You dont report threads to unlock the content. You must reply to unlock the content.
  • Reactions - Mass reacting members' posts.
  • Feedback - Giving feedback for a seller you didnt deal with.
  • Ads Manager - Creating a new ad for testing purposes and without paying for the generated invoice.
6. Inappropriate Content
Dont post material that is hateful or mean towards race, religion, sex, or any other offensive nature. You can debate religion and politics in the lounge forum, but you can do so WITHOUT being mean or hateful about it. In WebSporTV's sole discretion, appears to be in poor taste will be removed and your forum account maybe banned.

The following content examples arent allowed in the WebSporTV.
  • Adult content.
  • Credit Cards, PayPal accounts, Bank accounts.
  • The use of monetizing links, for example, earning money from downloads or traffic.
7. Posting Guidelines
Please consider the following when posting a new thread or reply.
  • Post your threads in the most relevant forum, read the forum description before posting.
  • Select the most appropriate thread prefix.
  • Dont make the thread title too long.
  • Dont use BB codes or emoticons in the thread title.
  • Dont add many emoticons, use very small/large font size or unclear text color.
  • Dont copy or plagiarize replies.
  • Turn off your caps lock, dont use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts.
If you want to post a config, tool or account.
  • You must add the content between the hide tags. How to add hide tags.
  • You must test the config before posting.
  • Post your config in a RAW form whenever possible. That means, open the .ini file, copying all the text and pasting it between CODE tags whenever making a thread. If your config is encrypted (i.e. Storm .ini.sccfg configs) then use one of these hosting sites (,,
  • When posting a combo/database, please avoid the following;
    • Unclear name (says UK list but actually DE list)
    • Unclear amount (30k in the thread but actually 10k)
    • General spam, low number of lines in the list, etc.
  • Scan the tool before posting on VirusTotal, and add the scan link to your thread.
  • Dont use URL shortener links such as, Linkbucks,, etc.
Please post a descriptive thread name! Give a short summary of your content in the subject. (Dont use attention getting subjects, they dont get attention and only annoy people).

Here is a great list of thread subjects you should NOT use:
  1. Help me, Very urgent, I have a question
  2. Spotify premium account
  3. Origin account with games
Generally, anything similar to those is unacceptable. Just post your problem.

Here is a good example of a way to post a question:
  1. How to bypass akamai?
  2. - Subscription Will Automatically Renew On: 11.11.2020
  3. - Battlefield 3, FIFA 17, Resident Evil 5 [Total Game: 23]
8. Spamming
We classify "spam" as short replies which dont contribute to a forum thread in a positive manner. Some forum threads expect short messages (like premium accounts forum), but otherwise short messages are highly discouraged. Dont post for the sake of forum post count. Your posts will be removed if we see you posting unhelpful or non-contributing messages to our site.

The following contents will be considered as spam and deleted on sight without any further notice:
  • Posts containing only words like "asdasd", "tyyyyyy", "Niceeeeeeeee", "cooool", etc. If you're trying to be a spammer, go and be spammer somewhere else.
  • Posts with shorts like "thx", "thanx", "thz", etc. This is definitely not a chat room, it is a forum.
  • Posts with only links. Dont post such posts! It's the minimum respect for your readers to put the information in your thread.
  • Posts with only emoticons. If you have something to say please articulate and address those thoughts. Emoticons have to complete your posts, not to replace your writing!
It isnt limited to the above examples, anything similar to those is unacceptable.

9. Bumping
Posting replies on very old (dead) threads that havent been locked to bump them into a discussion is prohibited. We only allow bumping in some forums; for example, the marketplace, all other cases will find your reply removed.

10. Hijacking
Please dont "hijack" a forum thread by changing the subject. If you want to change the subject, please start a new thread.

11. Cross-posting
Posting the same thread in more than one forum is considered cross-posting. As a courtesy to others before beginning a new thread, please look to see if an active thread on that topic has already been established by using the Search feature.

12. Advertisements
Advertising of any kind for other sites on these forums is strictly prohibited. You can still advertise your business through Ads Manager.

13. Marketplace
These rules are applied to the marketplace, failure to comply will result in a warning or marketplace access restriction.
  1. You must have posted 10 threads at least to start a topic or add a reply.
  2. Add your sales in one thread.
  3. Dont use words such as cheap, low price, etc.
  4. Dont cross-posting (posting the same sales thread twice).
  5. Dont hijack a thread to advertise your item.
  6. You may only bump your thread once every 24 hours.
  7. Not allowed to sell Credit Cards; PayPal accounts; Bank Accounts.
  8. Report your thread when the sale is completed.
  9. You may provide a vouch copy to a staff member to vouch for you in your sales thread (Optional). This may help you to increase your sales.
  10. Your thread will be moved to archive if the last message older than three months.
  11. Be careful when dealing with new members.
  12. Report scams and fraudulent activity in scam reports.
  13. WebSporTV takes NO responsibilities on ANY transaction that occurs at any time.
14. Multiple Accounts
The creation of new accounts to evade suspension and continue posting is prohibited. Forum suspensions generally apply to a person, rather than a specific account. Threads designed to announce, appeal or contest forum suspension decision on behalf of a third party will also be removed without notice. If you dont understand why you were suspended or have further questions, you must contact support at Contact Us.

15. Suspension and Termination
WebSporTV shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether there has been a breach of these rules and may take any action deemed appropriate.

Your use of the forums is conditioned upon your compliance with the discussion rules and guidelines as well as the WebSporTV rules. Failure to comply with these discussion rules and guidelines shall constitute a material breach of these rules and may result in WebSporTV taking any or all of the following actions:

  • Remove any material or postings you have made to the forums Issue a warning
  • Suspend or ban your WebSporTV account
16. Proprietary Forums
The WebSporTV forums are private message boards. All message board content is allowed at the discretion of WebSporTV. WebSporTV reserves the right to remove any message board content without notice and for any reason.

WebSporTV excludes all liability for:
  • Any action was taken in response to breaches of these Policies and Guidelines. The responses described in this document arent exhaustive, and WebSporTV may take any other action, in its sole discretion as deemed appropriate.
  • Any loss or damage arising from the use of the forum by you.
  • Any content posted or uploaded by users of the forum which shall include, without limitation, any liability for offensive and/or defamatory posts.
17. DMCA
Our servers arent located in the USA or UK; it is located in a country with lax copyright laws, and dont respond to DMCA takedown requests. Also, we dont host the content itself, we are using free file hosters like, MediaFire, etc.
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